Assistive Devices

Closed Caption Devices

Our closed captioning system allows guests to read the dialogue of the shows. By closed captioning, we mean that only those people who choose to read the dialogue will see it. To everyone else in the theater, it will appear as normal. These units are available at the box office. 

Visually Impaired Narration

Our headphones will provide descriptive audio of the movie for the visually impaired. You can also hear the dialogue on the same headset and adjust the volume of each according to your liking. These devices are also available at the box office. 

Hearing Impaired Assistive Headphones

All our theaters are 100% hearing impared capable. These units are wireless headphones that amplify the dialogue, making it easier for those with partial hearing loss to follow the stories better. These headsets are available at the box office as well. 

Noise Reduction Headphones

For guests who have sensitive hearing, we provide upon request, noise reduction ear phones. Simply request them at the box office.


We have two wheelchairs available in the lobby for anyone who needs them. They are available on a first-come first served basis.


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